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8 Ways Schools Really Mess Up Their Admission Campaign

8 Ways Schools Really Mess Up Their Admission Campaign


 “ Speak to your audience in their language about what’s in their heart.”

                                                                                             – Jonathan Lister



Sometimes schools find themselves doing everything right, but with the wrong results. Maybe you’ve set a admissions goal.

You’ve broken it down into smaller goals, executed a wonderful campaign, and made sure your campaign reached all across community.

You’ve been motivated and worked hard for admissions …and it feels as though you haven’t moved an inch closer to your goal.

Maybe the goal has been the problem all along.


Here are some ways people often get goal setting wrong:




Setting unrealistic admission target.
However majority  schools feel that they are on top of the popular school list, and ser higher admission targets than the available prospective no of students.













Trying to do everything and ending up doing nothing.

When the admission target of a school is too broad, nothing gets its attention. It’s easy to move from one campaign idea to another with no progress. When you attempt too much you end up not achieving anything at all.














Focusing on what other schools think.

 Just mind your own business and follow your heart. Don’t focus on other schools. It’s hard to concentrate on achieving your targets when someone don’t really feel like they’re yours.














Underestimating timelines. 

Targets always need a timeline so a school can hold themselves accountable, but when the schools don’t give themselves enough time to do to reach that target, it will be a failure. Schools should not be discouraged or give up, schools should revisit their timeline and make the adjustments they need.
















Not appreciating failure.

The admission target of a school has a fixed element of possible failure. If the school don’t have the wisdom they can learn from the failure, they’re missing out on a great gift. Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently, it’s an event, not who you are.png5













Not making a plan with your agency

When does your admission campaign should start? Who is driving it? Who tells you if your plans is right ?  admission campaigns are a critical step in the admission process. We suggest schools research on most successful campaign across your region.

















Having a negative attitude. 
We all know that negativity can interfere with achievement, but it can also keep you from setting positive goals. A bad attitude is like a flat tire, you cannot get very far until you change it. It’s one of the biggest disabilities you can carry, at every step. So schools must be aware of the attitude they are carrying during the admissions.













Did you hire the right agency for your admission campaigns ?.

Schools may justify their previous year agency and the success, spending on campaign, and whatsoever. Times are changing, there are 83% schools still follow old campaign strategies. Parents have evolved. So do media. And media consumption. Is your agency updated. Do they give you insights of your target group.










We wish you great admissions ahead.

There is never a wrong time to kick start a campaign. In case if you need advice or execution of your admission campaign plans mail us for suggestions. or

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