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9 Things Schools Don’t Do to Improve Admissions.

9 Things Schools Don’t Do to Improve Admissions.

1. Schools don’t find time to upgrade to the latest.

Self-awareness is the foundation of best education practice. You can’t increase your admissions quality without pushing yourself to discover what’s latest and do things differently. When you take a really good look at majority schools, they have not upgraded their classrooms to software in past 6 years on an average.










2.Schools do not show and tell. Learned Parents like to see what you do.

Schools fear being vocal, visual. Some schools say they do not competition to know what they are doing. But improving admissions is all about showing off your school success, be on news, make your school a brand. Hire an experienced agency. That’s how you can show what you are.









3.Some Schools do not compare.

Good schools persevere. They don’t give up in the face of failure. They compare and see what is lacking in them. . schools should compare constantly. Work restlessly to keep the school brand on top. Forget the no of admissions you made last year. Numbers come if you are brand. Compare your brand value with the top schools check how many points you are lagging.










4.Schools don’t crave for attention.

Intelligent schools should crave for attention and do not beg for it. Got it? They do what they want to do and what needs to be done, regardless of whether anyone is stroking their ego. That’s world works now.











5.Some Schools do not have emotions. At all!

Take a look at majority schools who start their admission campaigns just before the admissions season. That’s so plastic. Campaigns should be more emotional and year long. A satisfied parent or student is more attached emotionally to your school. They are good marketers too.  Emotional bonds die hard. Try ESP [emotional selling perception] this year.


6.some campaigns do not create the impact.

How does a school catch the pulse of a prospective parent?  How tells them what campaign style works in which area? Sometimes its the agencies  who drive the whole campaign. Sometimes the merely the budget. Sometimes it’s the miscommunication or the bad language used.








7.Good teachers are Good marketers.

A good teacher could be a good marketer for your school . teacher connect to parents very well. Parents act as viral marketers for schools. All these perks come without spending a single pie. This is  pure unpaid advertising. They improve admissions. They make the school’s reputation. tell how many good teachers you have in your campaigns.

8.Open up for new ideas. New technologies. New activities.

Good schools aren’t threatened by new things; they’re open to new information and new ideas, even if it means admitting that they are wrong. So come with new activities, new technology if you don’t have any other option to get more admissions. More the activities more content generated for admission campaigns. Plain campaigning before admission season may not work for all.

9.Do not envy other schools. If they are good, follow them. As simple as that.

Good schools understand that the happiness and success of other schools  doesn’t take away from their own, so jealousy and envy should not be an issue for them. They see success as being in unlimited supply, so they can celebrate others’ success.

And the last one ! Bringing It All Together. Plan your admissions campaign.

Bring all of the above facts together and plan your campaign.  Leave the old models. Go to new media, even if your school is in rural or suburbs. This year give something new. Excite the parents. Hire the right agency who can do all this for you .

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