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5 stunning smart spaces for your school

1. Discovery pod tm

A schoolmart initiative, Discovery pod is a technology playground and project center in which students of any age can experience cutting edge technology, participate in any of our hands on activities, or develop their own projects with the help of our friendly and knowledgeable instructors, tools, and resources. Discovery pod differentiates itself from the typical STEAM Camp though its variety and breadth of technologies, its incorporation of industry ready skills, participant interaction with tech and training.

2. Mathematica tm

Mathematics in Singapore is not about knowing everything. It’s about thinking like a mathematician “ saysAndreas Schleicher, head of the OECD’s education assessment programme.
Mathematica changes the way students learn maths. In a first of its kind initiative in india a dedicated mathematics environment that’s meant for IIT JEE centric education. Mathematica exposes students to all kinds of critical problem solving, be it Jewish math , Singapore math, Euclid, and greek. This smart space is gamified, interactive and has instant assessment thro quizzado.

3. Animated play ground tm

An open-ended, child directed free play brings collaboration, creativity, and excitement into schools. We have sold blocks worldwide, the more playgrounds we place, and the more educators we work with, the more we believe in the life-changing potential of Imagination Playground.
some of the finest museums, as well as some of the most progressive schools, daycare centers, public park systems have installed these already.
Come Play With Us!!

4. Science temple tm

Reinvent your science labs. They are almost same as there were 50years ago. Isn’t it?
Negate the concept of chalk and talk or instruct the students what to do without any clue on why they are performing an experiment. Science temple is an interactive science discovery space.
It nurtures students to invent by them selves. Starts with “why? The lesson plans can be customised as per school curriculum and above. Multiple associations with science temple by school science news networks and science innovators makes it an incubations centre to invent, discover and explore more on un explored. Lets make india a sciecne nation again.

5. Tinkering lab

Students get exposed to creative technology platforms to nurture their curiosity, creativity and imagination through tinkering labs in their schools. They have started designing prototype solutions and launched creative projects such as better irrigation management, waste management and sensor based solutions using IOT devices and robotics in their labs

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