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How parents loosing trust on schools. its time schools wake up.

      1.Deceitful brochures. Most of their email ids are invalid and the school amenities mentioned are false.


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2.They are not receptive of innovative ideas likenextgeneration software, go-green initiative, data protection or security as it does not help their ulterior motives.

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3.The principals act merely as puppets in the hands of trustees and deans with no real decision making powers vested with them.

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4.They are reluctant to entertain any new ideas regarding school improvement as long if they do not earn a hefty commission out of it.


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5.Most of the smart class techniques they advertize are redundant and barely brought into use.


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6.Their priorities are strongly set. They are more concerned with making money than improving the quality of education in the schools.


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7.They deceive the parents into believing they are using the latest efficient software although they work on elementary excel sheets.

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8.They are not interested in developing strategies for improving the benefits of students learning.

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9.They are dismissive of the startups approaching towards them with ideas of school improvement.


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10.Builders, Trustees, Management Directors and Owners have turned schools into business making institutions with no regard of standard of education.

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