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Paper Tab: A Tablet As Thin As A Paper

Paper Tab: A Tablet As Thin As A Paper




The Paper Tab is one of the new finding of the exciting findings of this year CES’13 at Las Vegas. The Paper Tab, developed by the Human Media Lab in Queen’s University, Canada, is very similar to a sheet of paper.

This 10.7 inch tablet with the display of as thin as a paper is powered by Intel i5 processor. The processor is not directly inbuilt with in it, it is connected with the paper display by thin data cable. This type of setup should not come in the final product as this is just a prototype model.











It’s touchscreen doesn’t accept typical gestures from the users.  Navigation into your document or various option is much more physical here like to flip through pages in a book or article, one can fold the Paper Tab between half and the right side of the page. By simply bending the top corners one can forward, rewind the videos on the tablet. If user wants to create bigger display they can easily place the no of tablets side by side.  If they want to share some content they just touch two tablets. Even if they can drag and drop content from one tab to another which is really cool stuff. Hand gestures are very important here because by hand gesturing user can control all the functionalities.





Besides this interesting features and design this product is not yet ready for market use. According to Roel Vertegaal, the director of Queen’s University’s Human Media Lab ,”Within five to 10 years, most computers, from ultra-notebooks to tablets, will look and feel just like these sheets of printed color paper.”  So we can assume it will take five to ten years to come in the market as a product.

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