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here is your gateway to 19000cr+ worth scholarhips offered by 1700+ corporates, NGOs, trusts, donors and govt agencies. exclusive for schoolmart’s partner schools. if you are not one register today its free.

60+ scholarships

scholarships are not all about merit. its not just front benchers forte. we invite schools to identify students with excellence in cultural activities and creative arts and register with us. schoolmart gives you access to all major cultural scholarships available in india. here is a sample list ::

80+ scholarships

math geeks can now avail millions of scholarships in math. schools should encourage them by exposing them to such incentives available. here is a sample list ::

122 scholarships.

there are more than 100 scholarships up for grabs for students below poverty line. schoolmart helps you access the scholarship on a simple query from the school.  here is a sample list.

170 scholarships

not even 5%  of kids in minority category have applied for a scholarship till date. while majority come under BPL category, its time we let them avail the most of it. sample list ::

15 scholarships

this is in vogue now. rewarding and identifying writing talents by corporates is in trend now. starting from rs 1000/mnth there rewards are as high as 1lkh per annum. check the list

10+ scholarships

these scholarhips are of varied nature. single mother children to girl child in BPL families various criterion is being applied to make students eligible in this category

40+ scholarships

If science is an obsession for your kid, we are here to kindle the fire even more. schools must encourage them with rewards from various science and research organizations.

20+ scholarships

scholarships for differently abled are offered by govt , semi govt and NGOs. here is a sample list




categoryno of scholarships avaialbleAmount
(Min to Max.)
sample Scholarships
1st to 5th std40 Scholarships (Need cum Merit & Examination based)rs 1000 to 20K annually Dr A P J Abdul Kalam Ignite Awards 2016
Babulal Nagarmal Satnalika Foundation Scholarship,
Camel Art Contest,
CBSE Expression Series on Swami Vivekananda
6th to 10th std50 Scholarships (Need cum Merit & Examination basedrs 1000 to 50K annuallyAvasar Scholarship 2016,A-STAR India youth Scholarship in Singapore,All India bright student awards-A.P.J Abdul Kalam,CBSE Aavishkar Quiz
ITI and polytechnics for diploma courses.12 Scholarships (Need cum Merit & Examination based)rs 5000 to 20KIndian Oil Merit Scholarships Scheme for 10+/ITI studies, LIC GOLDENJUBILEE
11th to 12th std156 Scholarships (Need cum Merit & Examination based)rs 3000 to 80K annuallyKishore VaigyanikProtsahanYojana, R D Sethna Scholarship 2016, Sitaram Jindal Foundation Scholarship 2015-16
Graduation Masters and Research work, P.hd215 Scholarships (Need cum Merit & Examination based)rs 6000 to 2 L annuallyADB - Japan Scholarship Program,Narotam
SekhsariaScholarship,Jawaharlal Nehru
Memorial FundScholarships,Aditya Birla Group Scholarship
B.E., MBA, or
any fulltime Professional degree from IIT,NIT, IIM
110 Scholarships (Need cum Merit & Examination based)rs 50K to 5 LannuallyOil and NaturalGas Corporation
Limited (ONGC),L&T Build –
Scholarship, IndiaNTPC ScholarshipScheme for
EngineeringStudents, India
Single Girls & Women 15 Scholarships (Need cum Merit, talent & Examination based)rs 10K to 1.5L annuallyAvasar Scholarship 2016,Swami Vivekananda Scholarship for Single Girl Child for research in Social Sciences 2016, Santoor Women's Scholarship 2016
Cultural scholarship10 Scholarships ( Talent Based)rs 3000 to 80K annuallyScheme for the Award of Scholarships to Young Artistes in Different Cultural Fields 2015-16
Sports Scholarships 10 Scholarships (Games Based) rs 10K to 1.5L annuallyAAI Sports Scholarship Scheme in India 2016-17
Differently able students Scholarships15 Scholarships rs 10K to 60K annuallyAICTE-Saksham Scholarship Scheme 2016
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