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super clever strategy for school admissions

This super clever strategy will improve your admissions by 100%

“They will ask why you are doing it, later they will ask how you did it.”


1. keep track of competition. Begin by learning the foundation of your competitor schools. so you can keep yourself moving toward your vision of the future. No matter how advanced they are , the magic lies in your USP of the year. The message of the year.









2. What worked for your competition.

It may not work for you. But it would make you find the holes in your school.









3. No of queries vs No of registrations last year.

Never say you got enough admissions last year. There is nothing called enough for your school growth. Check why your equation is not 100% whom are you loosing your parents to?










4. Check the quality of your front office and counselors. They are key to your school success. Hire the best or train them to be the best. Keep training them each week during 3-4months of admissions. Tell them what other schools are doing. Expose them to edtech facilities.



5. Modes of fee payment.

Post demonetization , fee payment methods may have changed. Now parents prefer digital wallets, transfer methods or easy installment options. Parents may drift to schools that ease their fee burden. Try monthly installment options by schoolmart.













6. Influencing factors like Transport options, school lunch

your competition may be winning on this each parent has a unique need. Sometimes its not just school performance. Or amenities. Check what they need. Its just market intelligence.













7. School activities showcase


Admissions campaigns should run all over year not just 3 months before the beginning of the year. Keep parents informed about school activities all through year.


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